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Activity Report 2020

July 28, 2021 | Announcements, KEDITH

This report includes the report of the activities of the Public Benefit Enterprise of the Municipality of Thessaloniki (KEDITH) for the period from 01/01/2020 to 31/12/2020. The annual report captures details of the operational and administrative life of the company in order to inform the citizens of its actions and services, so that they can get the maximum benefit from these services, which must be constantly improved, but also expanded. obeying the new demands and needs.

The Public Benefit Enterprise of the Municipality of Thessaloniki (KEDITH) is an evolution of the Municipal Society of Vocational Training and Studies (DEEKME) and the Municipal Public Benefit Enterprise of the Municipality of Thessaloniki (DIK). .Ε.ΘΕ.), Which with the Government Gazette 2391 / 28.08.2012 was merged with the Municipal Public Benefit Enterprise of Triandria (DI.K.ET.) and then amended with the Government Gazette 814/2013, according to which they were included in its activities "planning, organizing and conducting youth activities".  




KEDITH is an organization with various lines of action concerning: 

  • Children 
  • Young people 
  • Elderly people 
  • Disabled


Within these axes operates and supervises five Centers for Creative Employment of Children (KDAP) of formal education, a KDAP-MEA, a Day Care Center for the Elderly (KIFI), the office of Europe Direct Thessaloniki, and exchange programs of good practices and experiences giving the city's youth a European perspective. 

In addition, it supports the Municipal Youth Council and the Participatory Youth Budget. 


Specifically, the actions of KEDITH for the year 2020 are analyzed as follows:




The Creative Employment Centers aim at the creative, productive and quality utilization of children's time. The study is free 12 months a year within the program "Harmonization of family and professional life" of the NSRF 2014-2020 with an intermediary implementing body EETAA (from September to July), while August is funded by own resources of KEDITH.

KEDITH for the year 2020 operated with five KDAP of formal education, which now employs 772 children and one KDAP MEA, which employs 50 children and young people with disabilities and managed to stand by working parents, offering their children a number of activities that fill them with joy and sharpen the mind. 


In more detail, the following are the main initiatives and actions completed during the period in 2020:   


  • The company managed to include 178 additional places for guest children in the program, while taking care to modify the operating licenses of the centers in accordance with the new legislation. 
  • In August 2020, all the contracts of the employed staff were renewed (educational, administrative, support staff). 
  • For the first time, KEDITH provided free accommodation with own resources to the citizens on the one hand because it had secured additional places and on the other hand because of the limited availability of vouchers from the program "Harmonization of Family and Professional Life 2020-2021" of EETAA SA not all were covered.
  • The KDAP fully responded to the new conditions of the pandemic, as concerned with the safety of children and workers, they continued their uninterrupted operation and provided daily employment and support with distance learning lessons and a variety of activities for children and parents.  
  • On 10/03/2020 the operation of KDAP MEA was suspended, which lasted after extensions until 25/05/2020. On 10/03/2020 the operation of KDAP was suspended until 31/05/2020. All this time the company, the KDAP and the KDAP MEA of K.EDI.TH. operated with staff on a rotating, remote and security basis. Continuous disinfection was carried out in all KDAP and KDAP MEA of the company taking into account the epidemiological and developments and in order to limit the spread of covid 19. All structures were (and are to date) covid - free. The support line of counseling and psychological character for all the beneficiaries of the program and their families was created and operated.
  •  The transfer of the beneficiaries of KDAP MEA to and from the structure continued daily from 11: 00-19: 00 with a specially designed bus of twelve (12) seats, which was purchased in July 2019, and transports up to nine (9) people with disabilities and one (1) wheelchair.
  • KEDITH started a series of digital initiatives for the students of KDAP: the "QUARANTINE DAYS" which included two actions: The creation of the "Coronavirus Diary" and the painting competition on "Our life before and after COVID-19" . The best ones were selected through electronic voting, which won a special prize. 
  • On 17/06/2020 a music festival was held in Nea Paralia for the children of the whole city where all the children's paintings were presented, kiosks were set up and the people were informed about the Company and the KDAP and KDAP MEA. Printed material was distributed and all the drawings of the children's painting competition were exhibited.
  • Modernization - upgrade of all computers in offices and KDAP.
  • In November 2020, all KDAP of formal education were painted and beautified. 



At K.H.F.H., a modern open structure of daily accommodation for the elderly who can not fully serve themselves 17 beneficiaries have from morning to noon a "home" with full care. 

It is addressed to elderly people suffering from mobility or mental problems, whose family environment can not respond to their daily care.

The services provided include the following: 

  • Emotional - Counseling support for the elderly 
  • Nursing care 
  • Caring for the satisfaction of practical living needs
  • Personal hygiene 
  • Programs to enhance mental functions and physical empowerment 
  • Creative and recreational employment programs. 


The staff consists of four people, a nurse, two social caregivers and a support staff. 

The program is implemented in the framework of the Operational Program "Central Macedonia 2014-2020".  

The K.H.F.H. on 06/11/2020 suspended its operation, which lasted after extensions until 17/05/2021. All this time the company and the K.H.F.H. of Κ.Ε.ΔΗ.Θ operated with the staff in rotation, remotely and with security personnel ensuring all the measures to avoid and limit the spread of covid 19.



In the context of the development of social protection actions as well as actions for the education of the youth, K.E.D.TH. designed new free distance creative programs for children aged 5-12. The e-kedith experience is a safe and fun electronic gaming environment for the new generation of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, which will offer moments of carefreeness and creation. It is a digital service designed through the Moodle platform. The new asynchronous creative employment platform of KEDITH is addressed to our little friends who are citizens or residents of the Municipality of Thessaloniki and offers the categories "Little explorers" (A1-A8) and "I have fun and learn" (B1-B9 , Ba1-Ba6, Bb1-Bb2). The categories include courses designed and posted by Dotsoft according to the material of the trainers of KDAP and are:

For the category "Small Explorers":

A'1: I have the right to be a child

A'2: Bullying: STOP BULLING

A'3: Recycling as a way of life

A'4: Climate Change: Be part of the solution

A'5: Diversity in the country of Solfeggio

A'6: Journey to the galaxy of Europe 

A'7: In the footsteps of dinosaurs

A'8: Are you surfing? Stay safe


For the category "I have fun and I learn":


books               Ba6 Electronic Library of the National Library

                          B5 Digital Library: Live Books! 

                          Ba3 List of Children's Books!

                          B6 Digital Library: Children's Literature

                          B7 Books with audiovisual material only

movies                    B1   COMPILATED ANIMATIONS

                        Ba5 Short Animation

                        B8 Children's Movies (with subtitles)

THEATRE                    B2 Theater for Children!

                          Ba1 Musical for Children!

MUSIC                  Ba7 Digital Discography: Waltz

                          Ba2 Digital Discography: Karaoke

                          B4 Movie Songs


                          B9 The Fairy Tale of the Box: Foreign Authors



LEARNING             Bb1 Traffic education

LEARNING             Bb2 Diet



Κ.Ε.ΔΗ.Θ. operates the "KEDITH Cisco Academy" since November 2020 under the Cisco Networking Academy program. It offers FREE training services in both specialized network engineering skills in Cisco equipment and other in-demand professional skills. In the courses offered the material is in English, while certificates of participation, digital badges or certifications from CISCO are given.

The courses are conducted remotely through e-learning tools, due to the emergency health conditions, the evolution of the pandemic and the new measures for the protection of public health.

Cisco Academy courses are aimed at adult participating residents or citizens of the Municipality of Thessaloniki who are interested in technology issues. The lessons are carried out through elearning in the form of self-learning (selfpaced) or with the guidance of a teacher (instructor). The cost of tutor courses is fully covered by Kedith Cisco Academy. Following a public invitation, the following courses were held from 2020 until today:

Introduction to IoT Self-paced
Introduction to cybersecurity Self-paced
Introduction to the Python programming language Self-paced
Business Self-paced
IT-Essentials-1 Instructor
IT-Essentials-2 Instructor
CyberOpsAssociate Instructor
Basic principles of cyber security Self-paced
CCNA Introduction to Networks Instructor
CCNA Routing and Switching Instructor



For the year 2020, KEDITH continued its dynamic presence in European projects managing the following programs:

  1. Be Active Shape Europe: a European project aimed at strengthening the participation of young people in the public in which KEDITH participates as a leading partner, which culminated on 12 March when it concluded its action, an international digital conference with simulation of the European Parliament and youth familiarization workshops participating with the European institutions.
  2. Remember Holocaust- Building Bridges for a Common Future: a European project aimed at enhancing memory and respect for diversity. In this program, KEDITH participated as a partner and contributed to the perfect organization of its events (digital exhibition, presentation of "live books", voluntary awareness actions to school students)
  3. European Solidarity Corps: KEDITH applied and received after a relevant control of the National Coordination and Support Point INEDIVIM the Quality Label which allows it to participate in voluntary solidarity actions by sending or hosting volunteers
  4. Gastronomy Tour: KEDITH seeks to participate in the under-evaluated gastronomic tourism project of transnational process as a partner, submitting a complete dossier. 
  5. RuRban: in the European network of exchange of good practices led by the Municipality of Rome, KEDITH also participates as a partner, which in addition to its contractual obligations (presence and presentation at project meetings, submission of reports, calendars, etc.) organized with great success educational seminars for children concerning the creation of a vegetable garden on the balcony, while coordinating and publishing a Cultivation Guide for each interested citizen
  6. Youth 4 Youth: KEDITH responded to the audit carried out by the National Support Point and by providing all the necessary documents and documents successfully closed this youth program. 
  7. Rethinking Urban Spaces: KEDITH participates in a consortium in which it participates as one of the three European Youth Capitals, under the auspices of the Goethe-Institut Thailand, Thai education and youth organizations in a European project coordinated by the European Youth Forum: From 1 / 1-31 / 8/19



KEDITH, as a permanent pillar of youth support, participated in European Youth Networks, supported the institution of the Municipal Youth Council and strengthened the Youth Actions carried out thanks to the Participatory Budget. 


KEDITH supports the actions of the Municipal Youth Council with meetings, practical counseling and dissemination on its own social media and website. 



The Municipal Youth Council is a first institutional entry of young people aged 15 to 30 years into the commons and the ways of administrative operation, which steels the value of Democracy through participation and seeks to inspire young people / participants to express ideas and initiatives responsibly and integrated. 

In this context, it has organized:

- dialogue with the candidate mayors of Thessaloniki 

  • meeting with students of Boston University in the context of the partnership with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki “Crossroads Cities: Salem and Thessaloniki 

- active participation of its members in the meeting of voluntary groups and social organizations, in co-organization with the G.G. Nea Genia, the Municipality of Thessaloniki and the Bodosakis Foundation.



The Europe Direct Information Center of Thessaloniki Thessaloniki started its operation in January 2013 and since then it has been the connecting link of Greek citizens with the European Union.

Throughout 2020, it continued to respond directly to citizens' requests and to develop partnerships with city agencies and European networks, responding to the needs and requirements of the time and transforming live-action actions into online ones due to the pandemic.

More specifically, 197 requests were answered by citizens who arrived via phone calls and emails seeking information on issues that concerned them.

The main topics that concerned the citizens:

  • the rights of travelers in the midst of a pandemic (refund of non-scheduled flights and cancellations of accommodation, etc.),
  • information for covid19
  • information on EPSO notices
  • search for European funding and information on European programs
  • professional qualifications and rights in the United Kingdom
  • Erasmus + and European Solidarity Body
  • European Health Insurance Card
  • Working in the European Union, job search platforms (Eures, Europass), CV
  • providing printed material on the political priorities of the European Union. 


An important role in the information was played by the constant updating of the website and the social media that we have. The information on a daily basis, on issues of local and European interest led the citizens to interact positively in the updates and to inform those around them.


 Europe Direct Thessaloniki in 2020 organized and implemented the following events:


In the context of raising awareness and informing the young students about the Green Agreement and Climate Change, guidelines were given to the teachers of KDAP of KEDITH and similar printed information material was distributed. Aim to activate young and old as part of the Center's campaign #uselessplastic

Information activities and provision of printed material in high schools before the beginning of the pandemic and afterwards online, observing the required health protocols.

  • MAY 09, 2020: Online treasure hunt due to the emergency health conditions entitled: In search of the stars of Europe, #eustratchallenge, 64 participants. The logic of a treasure hunt has been transferred, instead of natural space, to the world of the Internet, and in particular to a virtual map of Brussels, the center of the EU, where most of the institutions are located. Europe Direct Thessaloniki on the occasion of the celebration of Europe Day and the need to communicate the solidarity of the peoples created a video in collaboration with the centers of the Greek Network and was sent to the Centers and uploaded to our youtube channel.
  • 15.05.2020-06.07.2020: Online photo contest entitled: The diary of an enclosed city during the pandemic
  • 17.06.2020: Once upon a time, Outdoor Music event with a photo exhibition
  • 26.06.2020: Sailing ride for the winners of the photo contest entitled "The calendar of an enclosed city». The winners of the competition together with the escorts / companions had the opportunity to enjoy a sailing trip on the coastal front of the city and at the same time to discuss with us about issues related to the EU, EU political priorities and initiatives
  • Online educational activity of professional orientation entitled SchoolsGoPro to students of B 'and C' Lyceum in 6 schools of our city.
  • 16.12.2020: EU Jobs and Mobility Roadshow, an online nationwide event on entrepreneurship, finding work, skills development and communicating with citizens of EU political priorities with 2500 participants. The event was attended by 35 representatives of European Institutions, agencies, organizations and entrepreneurs. The event was aimed at both the general public and more targeted groups, such as students, young graduates and the long-term unemployed. The event was broadcast livesteaming via the Fb page and on youtube. After the end of the event, our center edited the recorded archive of the event and uploaded it by topic on the youtube channel.
  • Collection of material for the creation of 3 digital courses for the KEDITH platform (e-kedith experience).


Europe Direct also participated in actions of other bodies:

  • 16-17.01.2020: Simulation of the European Parliament plenary session, Mantoulidis Schools, secondary school students. Europe Direct supported the action organized by the Mantoulidis schools with the support of the EU Delegation to Greece and the European Parliament Office in Athens
  • 31.01.2020: "Schools Ambassadors of the European Parliament" information event in the hall of the Municipal Council of the University of Thessaloniki for secondary teachers on the program Schools Ambassadors of the EP
  • 08.02.2020: 1st Informative Action Teachers4Europe, Water room at the City Hall of Thessaloniki, information event for primary and secondary school teachers
  • 22.02.2020: European Youth Parliament of Greece, Information Workshop in the Water Room on the operation of the European Parliament and academic preparation procedures
  • 26.02.2020: Η European Union in the life of citizens: Rights, policies, Youth, information event at GEL Efkarpia in co-organization with the Association of Parents and Guardians of GEL Efkarpia.


Finally, Europe Direct produced a monthly newsletter in pdf format, which, in compliance with the European Data Protection Regulation, was sent to 2500 recipients each month. These are updates on actions, events and news of European and local interest, highlighting initiatives. There are direct links to all topics that link directly to the web pages of the resources used. 

From 01/01/2020 TO 31/12/2020, the board of directors consisted of the following members: 


Regular Members 

KOSMOPOULOU IOANNA Municipal Councilor, President of Κ.Ε.ΔΗ.Θ.
VARSAMI NATALIA  Municipal Councilor, Vice President of Κ.Ε.ΔΗ.Θ.
RAKKAS GEORGE Municipal Councilor
LAMARI ANNA Representative of AUTh
ANAGNOSTOPOULOU ANASTASIA Employee representative 


Alternate Members

DAGLIS DIMITRIOS Municipal Councilor, Deputy President
SPANOU IOANNA Municipal Councilor, Deputy Vice President
TREMOPOULOS MICHAEL Municipal Councilor 
AVGERINOU - TZIOGA MARIA Representative of AUTh - Alternate member
SAMARA SOFIA Popular Member
PETSAVAS DIMITRIOS Employee Representative - Alternate Member


Program for Preschool Education and Creative Employment 2022-2023

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