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November 10, 2020 | Announcements, KDAP-KDAP MEA, ΚΕΔΗΘ

Dear children, parents and friends!

In the difficult times of the pandemic and the general traffic lock (lockdown), KEDITH opens the way for… e-KDAP!

It is with great pleasure that the Public Benefit Enterprise of the Municipality of Thessaloniki and its President, Municipal Councilor Mrs. Ioanna Kosmopoulou, invite you to the most lively, entertaining and educational online community!

The five Centers for Creative Employment of Children (KDAP) and the Center for Creative Employment of People with Disabilities (KDAP MEA) start from tomorrow and all daily to keep you online with posts twice a day, noon and afternoon, with extensive training specialties!

Musicians, theatrologists, special educators, teachers, English teachers, dance, psychologists, occupational therapists, speech therapists are present every day in an effort to keep our company active which can now include children, not just the whole city, but the whole country!

Like the KEDITH page and follow us in the most complete pedagogical paths!


# μετηνΚΕΔΗΘ



# e-ΚΔΑΠ

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