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On Wednesday, 5 February 2020, we held a workshop at the First Gymnasium in Maribor as part of the BASE project, which is funded by the Europe for Citizens program and encourages young people to participate more and reflect on safety in various contexts of young people’s lives.

At the workshop, 3rd year students thought about how (unsafe) their school space is and what are the challenges they face in school in the field of safety. They also looked for solutions on how their space could become safer.

Among the more interesting were the learning camps to make it easier for them to integrate into the new, high school space, greater consideration of their opinions and increased understanding of their problems by teachers, functional tutoring, more active ombudsman and more general security in schools with tighter surveillance of security guards and protected areas of the school with cameras, as they believe that this would reduce the number of entries of random, potentially dangerous school visitors, as well as reduce physical and psychological violence.

Students stressed the importance of being heard, of being able to participate in discussions concerning their safety, and that such workshops should become more frequent in their school space.

The preparation and implementation of the event took place between 9:00 – 15:00

photo: Mitja Florjanc