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KEDITH has previously participated in the following youth exchanges and European programs:

April 9, 2018 | Exchanges - European Programs, KEDITH

  • 5-11 / 8/2018 Stockholm, Sweden, Youth Exchange on Gender Diversity and Equality
  • 26/3/2018 Meeting with the mayors of Thessaloniki and Plovdiv, Discussion for future cooperation in youth issues
  • 14-19 / 11/2017 Berlin, Germany, Greek-German exchange on strengthening the relations between the youth of the 2 countries
  • 20-22 / 10/2017 Thessaloniki, Greece, Participation in the pan-Hellenic meeting of the union of Greek Youth workers
  • 7-12 / 8/2017 Cluj-Napoca Romania, Com on Europe project, participatory budgeting, Participatory budget for youth, Erasmus plus
  • 26 / 3-2 / 4/2017 Thessaloniki, Greece Training for developing youth policy capacities, training seminar for municipal employees in youth policies
  • 14-19 / 11/2016 Varna, Bulgaria, Erasmus + Together on the Innowave, part 2ο
  • 19-27 / 7/2016 La Pomere, France, “Exploring my Future” (Exchange on career guidance, part 2ο)
  • 20-25 / 2/2016 Varna, Bulgaria, Erasmus + Together on the Innowave
  • 20-27 / 8/2015 Thessaloniki, Greece, “Exploring my Future” (Exchange on career guidance, part 1ο)
  • 23-29 / 3/2015 Braga Portugal, “Europe Entrepreneur” (Youth Entrepreneurship)
Evaluation of the European Year of Youth 2022

Evaluation of the European Year of Youth 2022

2022 was the European Year of Youth. More than 12.800 activities took place worldwide. It is now time to take stock of the Year. "What was the impact of #EYY2022", "What we learned", "What should continue after 2022" The...



NOTICE no. 448/22-02-2023 for the conclusion of a FIXED-TERM EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT for the implementation of European programs by OTA legal entities The Public Benefit Enterprise of the Municipality of Thessaloniki (KEDITH) announces: the recruitment of two (2) HR specialists. ..