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KEDITH is represented, participates and organizes events, seminars and European conferences

May 12, 2018 | Exchanges - European Programs, actions, Events / Conferences, KEDITH

On youth and youth policies.

  • 5-7 / 5/2015 Brussels, Belgium, European Youth Festival YO
  • 26-30 / 9/2016 Strasbourg, France, Participation in the Council of Europe seminar "Enter: from policy to practice" on the social inclusion of young people living in deprived and marginalized areas
  • 17-19 / 10/2016 Milan, Italy, 5ο Annual conference of the Intercity Youth network "Learning for life, learning for labor" on youth unemployment
  • 5-8 / 3/2017 Thessaloniki, Greece, 2ο Hellenic-German Youth Forum
  • 19-21 / 4/2017 Brussels, Belgium, European Committee of the Regions, Youth Up Gala, Signing of a protocol of cooperation of the youth capitals by the mayor of Thessaloniki
  • 7-9 / 11/2017 Sindelfigen, Germany, 7η Annual Greek-German Conference on "Our Strength is Local Government"
  • 15-18 / 11/2017 Leuven, Belgium, 6ο Annual conference of the network entitled "Urban youth work"
  • 11/1/2018 Thessaloniki, Greece, Consultation on the draft Framework of Strategy and Actions for Youth Empowerment "Youth` 17-`27 ".
  • 21-27 / 1/2018 Cascais, Portugal, Official start of the youth capital 2018 and participation in the seminar "Framing and implementing youth policies at the local level"