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PHOTO COMPETITION by EUROPE DIRECT Thessaloniki- KEDITH "Thessaloniki: a thousand views, ONE CLICK!"

November 15, 2022 | Europe Direct, Europe Direct Announcements, Press Releases, Events


A city full of young people, with a mosaic past and signs of different cultures, Thessaloniki stretches from Thermaikos to Kedrino Lofos and invites photographers, amateurs and non-artists alike, to capture its magic in a click.

The European Information Center EUROPE DIRECT Thessaloniki- KEDITH edits its promotional material and charts a greener course: this year, we are abolishing the conventional informative triptychs, making use of the legacy of the European Year of Youth and at the dawn of the European Year of Skills, we are listening to creative voices of our city and we invite you to participate in a competition open to everyone!

Entitled "Thessaloniki: A thousand views, ONE CLICK!", the competition of EUROPE DIRECT Thessaloniki- KEDITH will highlight the most creative and original impression of the city of Thessaloniki, a photo that will be printed as a postcard helping the public to identify the European Information Center service EUROPE DIRECT Thessaloniki – KEDITH with the city of Thessaloniki where it is based and serves.

The contest will highlight THREE winning photos:

the 1st will be printed in 2.500 copies

the 2nd will be printed in 1.500 copies and

the 3rd will be printed in 1000 copies.

The printed photos will be printed in postcard size, they will bear on the outside the winning photo, the logo of EUROPE DIRECT Thessaloniki-KEDITH, the signature of the photographer, while on the back they will include a brief summary of the activities of EUROPE DIRECT and contact information for the Center. All the postcards will be distributed in every corner of our city for the promotion of the European Information Center Thessaloniki - K.E.DI.TH.!


By sending an email to: europedirect.kedith@gmail.com.

Attach the photo submitted to the contest, the signed statement of consent of any persons who may appear in your photo (you will find it in a link in the TERMS of the contest) and make sure that the title of the contest and your name are written in the subject of your email.


Photo submission interval: 16 - 26 November 2022


The winning photos will be selected after evaluation by the three-member committee consisting of:

  1. Dr. Dimitra Akritidou, Municipal Councilor - President of KEDITH
  2. Thuli Misirloglou, Director of the 8th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art
  3. Olia A. Panagiotopoulou, Head of EUROPE DIRECT Thessaloniki- KEDITH

while The Vote of the Public will also be decisive, in the form notification (share) on Facebook  and manifestation of preference (like and comment) on Instagram.

The three highest rated photos (40% audience vote and 60% committee score) will be the winners and will be announced on the social media of EUROPE DIRECT Thessaloniki-KEDITH and on the website of KEDITH on December 4, 2022. Winners will be notified electronically of their selection and the procedures to follow.

All photos received will be posted on the Social Media of the European Information Center EUROPE DIRECT Thessaloniki- KEDITH as stories and will be listed in a publication on the website of KEDITH with the names of their creators.

Contact Phone: 2313317353


– The competition can be entered by EVERYONE, regardless of age.

-Each participant can send one photo.

-Photos should comply with social solidarity and sensitivity rules, not promote hate speech with abusive and other characterizations, inter-racial and transnational divisions, respect diversity, equality and respect in the public space.

-Along with the photo, the name and surname of the creator will be published, as the resulting postcards will officially be the work of their creator.

-Photos must be in JPEG format, 10x13 cm in size and 300 dpi.

-If people are depicted in the photo, the photographer must have the written consent of the depicted. (in this case, together with the photo, you are invited to send separately the written, signed consent of those depicted in the photo. The relevant application can be found here

- The photos that will be posted must be the original work of the sender-participant and must not violate provisions on intellectual property. Those who submit photos retain the copyright of their works. However, participants must agree to the legal terms governing the posting of material on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/terms.php) / Instagram (https://privacycenter.instagram.com/). Also, by taking part in the competition, the participants accept the reproduction and use of your photos by the organizers of the competition.

-Use of filters is allowed.

- Contestants who use unfair means to win, such as using bots to create fake Facebook accounts and/or make verbal and other attacks on other contestants, will be automatically disqualified from the contest.

- The organizers bear no responsibility for any accident, loss, direct or indirect damage caused to a participant and/or to third parties in the context of his/her participation in the competition.

-The organizers of the contest have the right to keep personal data (name, surname, photos, suggestions for change), up to the account of the current generation of EUROPE DIRECT European Information Centers. After the end of the period, they will be deleted automatically.

Privacy Policy:

EUROPE DIRECT Thessaloniki- KEDITH collects your personal data (name, surname, contact details: e-mail, phone), photo and suggestions) from you and we will process them for the purpose of organizing the Photo Contest and our communication in the context his. The legal basis for processing is the execution of the informal contract between us for your participation in the Photography Contest.

Your personal data will be used exclusively for the needs of organizing the Contest and will not be transmitted or shared with third parties other than those of the Joint Controllers.

In this context, personal data will be kept for as long as is necessary for the purpose for which it is collected, namely for the completion of the Photography Contest. Then they will be deleted.

The Competition will be held in full compliance with the European Regulation for the protection of natural persons against the processing of personal data (GDPR-2016/679/EU) and any relevant regulation of national law and we have taken the appropriate technical and organizational security measures of your personal data.

We would like to inform you that based on the above Regulation you have the right to access, correct, update, transfer or even delete your personal data. You also have the right to file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Authority https://www.dpa.gr/.

To exercise your rights, you can send your request by contacting the organizers of the Competition to the email: europedirect.thessalonikis@gmail.com. We will respond to your specific request within one month of receiving it, after identifying you by asking you for appropriate supporting documents.

-By taking part in the competition, the participants accept the above terms of participation.

Thanks to the following media for reposting the contest:




Photography Contest | Thessaloniki: a thousand views, ONE CLICK

"Thessaloniki: A thousand views, ONE CLICK!": Photo contest by the European Information Center EUROPE DIRECT



"Thessaloniki: A thousand views, ONE CLICK!": Photo contest by the European Information Center EUROPE DIRECT





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