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May 19, Day of Remembrance of the Pontian Genocide: Statement by the President of KEDITH Mr. Natalia Varsami.

May 19, 2021 | Announcements, ΚΕΔΗΘ

The President of KEDITH, Municipal Councilor Natalia Varsami, on the occasion of Pontian Genocide Remembrance Day said:

"One hundred and two years ago, the Greeks of Pontus were violently expelled from their ancestral homes and an organism of Hellenism was inevitably uprooted, which had managed to keep the flame of Hellenism unquenchable for thousands of years.

Today, we recognize - on a personal and national level - the Pontian Genocide, we honor the memory of the victims, we recognize their contribution to the restoration of the state historically, socially and politically for more than a century.

Defending our historical memory is a collective debt, a right and a matter for all of us.

It is the cornerstone of a peaceful tomorrow.

We do not forget "